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Book of Ra Slots

Can You Find the Book of Ra?
The Book of Ra, or the Book of Amun-Ra, is a mythical book thought to have existed in ancient Egypt, along with the well known Book of the Dead. These books were linked to the sun god Ra in ancient Egypt, and have featured in several famous novels and movie scripts as the object of dangerous and thrilling quests by archaeologists trying to unearth them and the mystical powers supposedly contained within them.

While ancient Egyptian history is full of gods, myths, legends and the like, there is still debate surrounding whether there was actually ‘a book’ of Ra or whether it was simply a collection of incantations written on some papyri – and it’s still unclear.

The contemporary Book of Ra

But now, the Book of Ra has leaped to the forefront of popular culture once again, but not in another movie release – rather as an online slot game. Yes, the Book of Ra Slots game offers players a great opportunity to participate in some thrilling fun and excitement while playing slots based on the Book of Ra.

Two 5 reel game versions are commonly offered, one being the Classic version and the other a superb Deluxe version which includes enhanced graphics and more winning options thanks to the inclusion of an additional playline.

Both games are based on a 5-reel slot configuration with 9 and 10 lines respectively. A bewildering variety of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and iconic symbols populate the reels and all players have to do is get between 3 and 5 similar symbols to line up in order to win. The game is made even more interesting by the inclusion of joker symbols, often the Book of Ra itself, and the opportunity to play bonus games also.

Book of Ra special free bonus spins
The extra bonus games, which include free spins and scatter symbols which increase the chances of player winning, are accessed when a player has managed to accumulate 3 bonus symbols during regular spins of the game.

With both free-to-play and pay-to-play versions of the Book of Ra available, there’s no end of fun available with what has become one of the world’s leading online slot games. Pay-to-play versions of the Book of Ra slots game give players to chance to win big cash prizes, and these games can be found on several leading casino game sites.

So, the next time you want to escape reality for a while, why not immerse yourself in the ancient and mythical world of Egypt and have some fun in your own quest for the Book of Ra – you never know, you might have more success than those famous archaeologists!