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Easy and safe ways to increase your odds of winning at Blackjack

When it comes to casino strategy there are dozens of clearly defined, well thought out and logical tactics out there. From learning how to manage your money properly and sizing your bets correctly to assessing the variables of a game to come up with a solid play (such as card counting), there are dozens of ways you can boost your EV at the gaming tables.

However, alongside these carefully considered strategies and skills are a host of nonsensical, misinformed and flat out wrong ways of thinking. Unfortunately, the cannon of popular casino strategy literature is flooded with comments, ideas and tactics based on half-truths or misinterpretations of statistics.

Getting to Grips with Online Roulette


What's even more unfortunate is that many novice players fall into the trap of believing these systems. Of course, it's not their fault as they don't know any better. However, when a beginner creates their first online account with the intention of playing roulette games from 32Red (or any of its iGaming peers) and they listen to this misinformation, it can cause them to make a number of mistakes.

Fortunately, we're here to help dispel one of the most prevalent myths in casino world: roulette tracking. Log into 32Red, Mr Green, BetVictor or any other online casino and you'll see a tracking widget attached to each roulette game. This feature displays the last five or so numbers that have landed on the roulette wheel. In fact, some games even show you the "hot" and "cold" numbers based on the amount of times they have appeared within a certain timeframe.

While these features are nice additions to the game, they won't actually give you any more chance of winning than if you didn't have this information. However, some players in the online and live roulette arena will keep track of these numbers and study them under the false assumption that they can gain some sort of edge by doing it.

In a nutshell, the assumption that tracking enough numbers on a sheet of paper can somehow help you reveal an exploitable pattern is not only pointless but logically unsound. Although it might seem as though the roulette wheel follows a pattern sometimes (we’ve all seen the same number spin in five times in a row), the reality is there aren't any patterns. Online Roulette is Fair and True.


In any fair game of roulette (and all licensed operators online are fair and verified by third party random number generator testers) the wheel will always offer an equal chance of hitting any number. In live games there might be a very slight chance that the speed of the wheel and position of the croupier's hand might affect the outcome. However, the effects of this are minimal at best.

In reality, each spin of the roulette wheel is an independent event, which means that the odds of each number occurring are unaffected by the preceding number. Therefore, it's entirely possible for the number 12 to appear six times in a row during any given session. However, this doesn't mean that the number 12 (or those directly next to it) is any more likely to appear on the seventh spin.

Dispelling myths such as this is not only necessary to ensure the fairness of games, but to clear space in your mind for more logical strategies that actually give you a better chance of making the best moves at the roulette table.