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GamificationIn The IGaming Industry

Gamification is huge at the moment. Marketers were using similar techniques for years now but gamification is what really started to take off, with huge influences in iGaming and more thanks to the work of innovators like Hero Gaming. What is interesting is that the iGaming industry is much slower than what many believe, being among the last that adopted gamification techniques.

In the year 2011 there was the first ever summit dedicated to gamification. There were no attendees involved with the igaming industry. There was a clear lack of interest since the belief was that non-gaming environments should not use gaming techniques. Although this is what was seen at a surface, the gambling industry did start to quickly adopt gamification without talking too much about it. We now have options like Betser and Casino Heroes that do take full advantage of what the technology can offer. More will appear in the near future for sure.

According to Luca Massaro, We Play managing director and founder, gaming sites have been offering different promotions that can be considered as being a part of gamification for some time now. Gambling companies are now utilizing gamification methods, as a referral bonus or sign up bonus, build loyalty schemes and much more, all to reward the actual gaming mechanic. This happens both online and offline.

iGaming operators always have one main goal: player retention. The more people keep playing at the same establishment, the higher the possibility that profits will be stable. Challenges that appear when looking at gambling is that the competition will surely match everything that one business offers. Because of this competition problem there is a belief running around the industry that iGaming firms will never be able to create loyalty. This is incorrect. For instance, some of the casinos stepped up and improve the customer service to a level that is much better than the competition. That is helping keep loyal customer base while using gamification to make them play even more as they are enjoying themselves.

Gamification is basically connected to changing behaviors. A behavior change is something that takes time and in the gambling industry everything is faster than what many expect. Gambling is also about the use of contemplation, which basically means showing people that they can win, preparation, getting the customer ready to join a site and actions, like depositing or signing up for a demo account. In many cases we see acquisition as being much more important than player retention. Because of this we can say that gamification is breaching the gap. It can be applied to practically anything and will make the marketing campaign that promotes something associated with gambling more effective.

On the whole, there are many mixed reports in the industry but if we look at basically all the casinos that are large and successful, they do use some sort of gamification technique to get new customers and even increase retention. There is basically no way to avoid gamification and this will still be used years for now because of efficiency.