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The Asian Handicap in Football Betting

In Asian football betting the Asian handicap makes the experience unique. The term ‘Asian handicap’ was coined by Joe Saumarez Smith in the late 1990s and it is available for betting on football matches. This was while he was writing articles for an American and an English magazine. This was while he was translating the 'hang cheng betting’ system that is used by Asian bookmakers. The Asian m88 handicap betting system is that it offers one better offers of a win, compared to fixed odds betting. This is because there are only two choices, whereas in other regions, there are three choices of betting on a game. Internationally, the standard practice was that there were three choices. These are: betting on the wining team, betting on the losing team and betting on the occurrence of a draw.

By eliminating the draw, the bookmakers thus give the favorite team a ‘handicap’. This offers one a 50/50 chance of winning a bet. Goals, part of a goal or a deficit are used to express a handicap. The different types of handicaps are the 0 handicap, the 1 handicap, the 0.5 handicap, the 1.5 Asian handicap and the double Asian handicap. There are positive and negative handicaps.

The practice of Asian handicap in betting is now popular worldwide. Bookmakers have accepted it in their trade. Bettors also love this system of betting as it gives them higher chances of winning. There are different negative and positive handicaps that one may choose from for every game. The handicaps indicate the strength of the teams (the favorite and the underdog).

The Asian handicap system has revolutionized the betting on football matches in Asia and beyond. It is a practice that is fast catching up internationally, improving the chances of a win on bets. As bookmakers pay out 90% to 100%, the Asian handicap offers bets of high value to bettors. Asian handicap is common among various sports but it is even more popular in football. This form of betting is also catching up real fast across borders and it seems to be the preferred betting method.