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Online Bingo Incentives to Look Out For

Online bingo is everywhere at the moment. We see adverts on our televisions while watching our favourite shows, we hear about the various halls on the radio and they fill up the top charts in our mobile app stores as mobile gaming continues to thrive.


The thing is, with so many different sites and games out there now - how do you go about choosing the best sites to play on or apps to download for the ultimate online bingo experience? With each site trying to offer something different to prospective players, but all of them essentially offering the same kind of games, you’re left with three choices when it comes to which one to select.


Your first option is to go with the site you saw during the ad break on your favourite programme. This will be the one that sticks in your mind the most clearly because you associate it with that show and you just sign up and start playing without necessarily researching to see if it’s the best one out there.


The second option is to play the same site that your friend uses. Word of mouth is a great way of learning about anything and you can get personal reviews from people who play them so you at least have something to base your decision on (and someone to blame if you hate it!)


Finally, you can visit one of the bingo review websites which analyses the very best online bingo sites on the web and compares them all according to various criteria and produces a rating to help people just like you to choose the sites to play and the sites to avoid based on what you want from a bingo site - whether that’s the variety of games, the offers available or the all-round user experience.


Having made your choice of site you want to ensure that you get the very most from it. Yes, it’s important that you actually enjoy playing the various games and, hopefully, win some money along the way but that’s all down to luck and out of your control really. There are some things you can look out for, however, to try and make the most of what you do - or at least can - win.


Sign-Up Bonuses

When you register your account with an online bingo site they usually ask you to make a deposit into your account so that you can start playing. Sometimes it’s only around £10 but it can be more or less (make sure you read the information on your chosen site). Having done this the site usually offers a bonus amount of money to play with as a ‘thank you’ for registering an account with them. This amount will vary but sites are all in competition for players so it can be as much as £50 - even more - so take this into account when choosing where to play.


Prize Bonuses

From time-to-time the bingo sites will offer a particular incentive to get players to take part in certain games. This is a bit like a shop having a sale, they just want people in the stores buying their products and coming back again in the future. The bingo sites are no different and they want people playing their games even if it involves giving out a huge prize bonus because they hope the players will reinvest that money into playing other games. There have been instances where games have offered bonuses as high as 200% so these are substantial. Follow the sites on social media or sign up to their newsletters to be made aware of when these games take place so you can get in on the action.