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Variations of Online Roulette

There are a number of versions of all jackpots casino roulette that include European online roulette and American roulette games. The basics of each game are the same with slightly different roulette odds per game. Placing bets on the betting grid can be on single numbers, multiple numbers, and groups of numbers; these are known as inside and outside bets. Understanding how to play roulette is not hard once the player has grasped the basic ideas of the game and how to place bets.
How to Play Online Roulette

The game of roulette online consists of a wheel and a betting grid. The online roulette wheel if playing the European version of the game has 37 pockets. Each pocket has a number, either black or red and there is also an additional green pocket for the number zero. The game is started when the bets have been placed and the wheel is set spinning. Where the ball that is set spinning with the wheel comes to rest is what determines the winning number of the game. Bets can be placed on single or multiple numbers and offer different roulette odds.

Outside Online Roulette Bets

Outside bets are bets on groups of numbers, whether it is all the red numbers, all the even numbers or all of the numbers in a certain column. The roulette odds for these games are not as high as the inside bets but they can still yield roulette odds of 2:1 or 1:1. The best roulette strategy is to try and place bets on both the inside and the outside bets if the budget that the player has self-allocated allows for this.

Inside Online Roulette Bets

The inside bets are much more detailed in the roulette tips and strategies because they offer much higher roulette odds. A bet on a single number also known as a straight bet pays out roulette odds of 35:1. A bet on two numbers that is shown by placing the chip between the two numbers gives players odds of a much as 18”1 on some roulette online versions. Other inside bets include a street bet, this is on three numbers in a row and a corner bet, on four numbers grouped together.

Online Roulette Strategy and Tips

The best roulette strategy is to try and cover both types of betting. What this means in layman’s terms is to place both an inside bet and an outside bet, if the budget allows. Some roulette tips even recommend that the player’s places more than one inside bet per game. The game of online roulette for real money is one of luck. No one knows where the ball will come to land once the wheel stops hence the suggestion to cover as much as possible and place both inside and outside bets.

Trying Out Online Roulette

The All Jackpots online roulette game gives players a chance to try out the real money game for practice in advance of placing real money bets and thus the player is able to fully understand and get to know the different betting options that the game offers and the player is able to work out his own personal roulette strategy.