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Google Is Going to Host Stadia Gaming Cloud Event in June

Stadia Gaming Event

After making a big reveal of their cloud-based gaming platform in March, Google has another great surprise for gamblers

Don’t Miss Google-Supported Stadia Gaming Event

Only a few months after presenting the cloud gaming platform Stadia at the Game Developer’s Conference in March, Google seems to have a new surprise for gamers.

The development of an Internet-based gaming platform is a huge step towards making gameplay available to the vast number of gamers that can’t afford gaming equipment.

However, there has to be a game library packed with interesting and exciting games for players to choose from.

However, for now, Google decided to keep the public in the dark about this issue, only releasing a brief announcement on Twitter that promises breaking news that can’t wait for the E3 event scheduled for June 11–13.

Namely, it has not become official yet, but Google plans to host Stadia gaming event on June 6.

It is believed that Google will reveal some major news about games they are going to offer to Stadia users. They have reluctantly let the cat out of bag saying that there is a possibility of offering games like Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption on Stadia gaming cloud. However, everything rests on assumptions until Google decides to make this info official.