PS and Xbox Controllers

Play Station 4 and Xbox One Ready to Back up Apple TV With Controllers

PS and Xbox Controllers

Apple has finnaly solved the controllers issue that prevented them from making their Apple TV a successfull gaming platform.

PS4 an Xbox One Come to the Rescue

Apple has been on the fence, for some time now, on the issue of turning their devices into gaming platforms.

Despite the constant promotion of this idea at various press conferences, there wasn’t a sign of some real action, for some time. Apple has had various issues that prevented them from realizing this idea. First, they had to deal with inches and then, they couldn’t provide high-quality controllers for their devices.

According to the Apple representatives, they have solved the controllers problem by teaming up with Sony to support them with the original PS4 controllers, while they are going to use Xbox One controller for the Apple TV.

These enhancements will be included in a tvOS13 update package for the Apple TV. This update is expected to be ready before the Apple Arcade launches this fall.

Apple subscribers will get the chance to enjoy fresh monthly packages of both premium games and even some exclusive games on all their devices.