Team Sonic Racing Game

Sega’s Freshest ‘Team Sonic Racing’

Game Review

Sega finally released their Team Sonic Racing game last week. This is a fast-paced video game you can play with friends. We’ll give you a bunch of good reasons to try it out as soon as you get the chance in this review.

Team Sonic Racing Game Review

General Info

  • Developer: Sumo Digital
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: May 2019
  • Type: Teamplay Racing game

This easy-going, team-oriented kart racing game by Sega is the third piece in Sonic’s racing video game puzzle. Sega has logically chosen Sumo Digital to devise the Sonic Team Racing game since they already had considerable experience in creating similarly themed games.

Sonic Mania and Sonic Force are games aimed at adrenaline junkies that enjoy action-packed video games. Team Sonic Racing presents a fine counterbalance, with the easy-going, team-oriented gameplay.

Even though Sega assembled a totally fresh design team to create this game, new designers had a solid foundation of the previous Sonic games to build on.

The main producer in charge of creating the SonicTeam Racing game wanted an easy-to-play game that children would enjoy, and the main idea to incorporate team racing in a kart racing game came from watching his son playing karting games with friends.

The final result was the unique combination of a racing game that required team play.

Time will tell whether Sumo Digital succeeded in their intention to make an outstanding racing game that won’t resemble any other. They profited from using the same game platform Sonic racing games created before, i.e., Team Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Another favorable thing was that they placed the entire game in the Sonic world so they could expand the cast of characters that usually appear in Sonic games.

Developers could also let their imagination run wild with creating different exciting and mind-blowing worlds where different races take place.

Characters and Plot

We can only guess what the first meeting between Sega and Sumo Digital looked like when they started working on the idea of making another Sonic racing game.

The imaginary conversation between these two went something along the lines: developers from Sumo Digital asking Sega how far they could go with customization, the number of different races and characters, to which Sega replied — “all the way.”

That was our first impression regarding this engaging kart racing video game that you can play alone or online in multiplayer mode.

Every fierce racer in the Team Sonic Racing game has a customized vehicle that perfectly suits their character. Players can always additionally customize their hero’s racing car to best fit their gameplay.

The span of different well-known characters expands gradually as the gameplay progresses through 7 different chapters.

There is also an enviable number of races that awaits you in yet another attempt of Sonic the Hedgehog to defeat his arch-enemy, the Eggman. There are seven different racing scenes, each offering three different race tracks that you and your team members have to speed through to finish this turbulent game victoriously.

This Is How the Story Goes

The storyline begins with a gathering on the beach where Sonic meets Amy and tells her that he and his teammates got an invitation from a mysterious stranger, Dodon Pa. Amy seems a little puzzled and surprised that team Rose wasn’t invited.

Dodon Pa appears and vaguely explains the aim of his visit. He wants Sonic and his team to take part in a series of risky and adrenaline-pumping races to test his super powerful vehicles. Sonic, who is always hungry for action, accepts this offer almost instantly, but Amy and Knuckles are extremely suspicious, and they reluctantly accept this Dodon Pa’s challenge.

This is the opening scene of the first of four stages of the plot that continues on the race tracks of Planet Wisp, the first stop in this whirlwind kart racing adventure.

This first stage is an excellent opportunity to learn everything you need to know about this video game where teamwork is crucial. The design of various racing scenes is mind-blowing, and it is obvious that the designers went far and beyond to provide thrilling, fast-paced action to gamers of all ages.

As the game continues and you enter the second stage, the story gets more complex with team Vector jumping in the race. As you can expect, the stages get more difficult and demanding as the game speeds up towards the end. Not to mention that the competition for winning this Grand Prix becomes tighter as the Team Sonic Racing game advances.

Team Dark enters the competition in stage three to make the situation more intense and to bring Sonic’s biggest rival — Shadow — into the game.

The final and most difficult part of this team-based kart racing game is the fourth stage where the story culminates with the appearance of the Eggman team, led by Eggman the supervillain himself.

After numerous plot twists and secrets revealed, team Sonic manages to defeat his greatest enemy and destroy Eggman’s fortress. Unfortunately, the super racing cars of the future are destroyed by the end of the race too.

Here Dodon Pa steps in again and reveals his identity as well as his intentions. He stresses that teamwork is the key to winning the race that fuels the most powerful booster in this game — the Ultimate Energy Engine. Everyone is relieved that Dodon Pa doesn’t work for the “dark side,” and he rewards each kart racer with a brand new customized race car.

There Is Room for Everyone in This Exciting Game

As we already stated, the designers of the Team Sonic Racing game enjoyed the fact that they could build this game up on firm and familiar grounds set by previous Sonic Racing games like Sonic & Sega All-Star racing and that they could use a stellar cast of well-known Sonic characters.

We were amazed to see how meticulously these characters were created. They all play the roles that best fit their skills, whether it is power, speed, or technique. Every facial expression or reaction faithfully depicts some personal trait. Thus, Big the Cat is slow and gullible, and Knuckles is straightforward, rash, and loyal to the core. We also enjoyed every verbal battle these characters had during the game.

Dodon Pa seems to be the weakest link here. He appears as the mastermind of the entire operation and the main narrator who leads players through different stages of this game. His long talks though tend to tone down the excitement of the gameplay, and they often seem redundant.

What to Expect in the Gameplay?

Team Sonic Racing game offers a single player mode as well as the online multiplayer option. Every player picks one of fifteen characters divided into five teams of three. Every character in the team plays a role according to their skill, power, speed, or technique.

Players then take part in numerous races on different racing tracks and scenes. There are seven different chapters in this fast-paced racing game that correspond to seven different racing locations.

We have to say that even though players drive their own race, the focus is on team play because all the team members rankings and achievements count at the end of the race towards the total score. Simply put, you race alone, but in the end, everything you and your friends and team members have achieved together counts, and the total score reflects the power of teamwork.

We were overwhelmed with the number of different power-ups and boosters you will find as you slide on the tracks. You’ll bump into well-known tires you have to collect to get some help on the road; there are also numerous colorful Wisps that are valuable boosters. Some Wisps are standard speed boosts and other will be a valuable weapon to use against your rivals on the track.

Teammates can exchange these power-ups for helping each other in the race. There are some other special features team members can use to speed up or protect each other.

This game backs up from four players on a gaming console to twelve players online. However, if you choose to play team games alone, the AI will be in charge of your teammates. In addition, the controllers are easy to manage as you drift or speed up on the screen.

Besides an array of different boosts and power-ups, you have the opportunity to choose the game mode that best suits you. A range of playing modes is vast, and here, you will find the Grand Prix mode, where you have to finish four races, then the Exhibition mode, where players can adjust the game rules, and the Team Adventure mode, which is a kind of tutorial that walks you through the game and everything is preselected.

Amazing Stuff Vs. Killjoys

We are going to make a short list of great and not so great stuff we’ve found in the Team Sonic Racing game. Don’t worry, we won’t mention that Sonic racing in a car is a bad idea.


  • “Sumo Digital” has succeeded in creating a team-oriented kart racing game suitable for gamers of all generations.
  • Designers made the best of the fact that they can use an extensive number of characters in this Sonic racing game.
  • Animation and graphics are impeccable.
  • This game offers a satisfying feeling of belonging to a team.


  • Opening scenes to different stages of the game with Dodon Pa as the narrator may be a bit too long, and they may kill the rush of the race.
  • A large number of races is usually a good thing. There are many familiar tracks used in previous Sonic Racing games that can make gameplay repetitive after some time spent playing it.

It seems that the Team Sonic Racing game has lived up to expectations. According to reports from the market, this Sega kart racing game topped the charts the moment it hit the market. It also earned twice as much in the launching week than the previous Sonic racing game.

Sonic fans are also thrilled judging from amazing comments and reactions on the social networks. It seems that Team Sonic has a successful racing career in front of them and that there may be a sequel to this amusing kart racing game. So gather your team, grab your wheels, and start the fantastic ride right now.