PS4 update

Some Exciting Updates for PS4 Coming out Soon

Sony is going to release some fresh improvements for the PS4 console that players can try out for free before they come out on the market.

PS4 Software Update

More Players and Chat Transcription for PS4 Console

Breaking news — Sony is preparing an update package for their PS4 console. They are going to increase the number of players from 8 to 16. And they have also been working on chat improvements.

This new chat transcription will enable players to write text messages on a separate PS4 pop-up screen, which will then turn into voice message or vice versa — they will be able to turn a party chat into text on the screen.

For now, there is only a beta version of these favorable features that PS4 console fans can try out by signing up on the Preview Programme. People who apply successfully for this tryout will be able to share their playing code with twenty other players so that they get the complete experience of the enhanced gameplay. However, there is no official announcement on the release date of these improved features yet.