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The Last JRPG for 3DS Platform — PersonaQ2 Game Review

A Detailed Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Review

General Info

After creating numerous role-playing games available on the 3DS platform, Atlus has decided to close this chapter by releasing the Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth game.

  • Developer: Atlus
  • Available on: 3DS
  • Release date: June 2019
  • Type of game: JRPG, dungeon crawling

Atlus has long been recognized for devising an enviable array of different RPG games for 3DS, to the utter satisfaction of persona games.

As they have announced earlier, Persona Q2 New Cinema’s Labyrinth is going to be the final release for the 3DS platform. We have to say that they have done a great job to secure leaving the gaming scene with fireworks. We hope you’ll try this game out after reading our review.

This New Cinema Labyrinth relies on foundations set by the Etrian Odyssey RPG series, and you will have to find your way out of various dungeons, while completing bare maps along the way, to get better orientation.

Persona Q2 role play game comes after the widely successful Persona Q-The Shadow of the Labyrinth and revolves around the same set of amusing and exciting characters. You get to play them once again, this time helping them escape an abandoned movie theater by solving puzzles, fighting their enemies, and crawling up various dungeons until they finally find their way out of this intricate labyrinth.

What we noticed right away, at the beginning of this review, is that Atlus people have carefully listened to the fans as they tried to make a fine balance between the Persona Q game and the Etrian Odyssey series. Here in Persona Q 2, you have to lead a cast of familiar characters through the labyrinth of dungeons you face from the first person perspective.

PersonaQ2 Game Review

The Storyline That Walks You Through The Breathtaking Movie Scenes

The adventure starts as a dream of the Persona 5 main hero. This dream features a beautiful blue butterfly wandering across the abandoned movie theatre. Joker as their teammates call him is puzzled with this strange dream when Morgana wakes him up, reminding him it’s time to go.

The entire Phantom thieves gang then leaves for another routine mission, but something goes terribly wrong as they end up in the empty movie theater lobby running away from an unexpected enemy attack.

Here the party members face the difficult task they need to complete if they want to get out of this awkward place. They have to enter the incredibly complex worlds of movies that are revolving on various screens.

Needless to say that the huge adventure awaits all players who take part in this turn-based, role-playing game, but it is going to be easier for players who have already played Persona Q game because they are familiar with different characters and their interactions.

This shouldn’t deter newbies from trying out their dungeon-crawling skills in Persona Q2 because they have to deal with obstacles and figure out puzzles to get to the next level like in any other role-playing game. We are going to introduce new players with the main characters in our review.

Persona 5 cast members are going to be in focus at the beginning of this thrilling adventure, but members of Persona 3 and Persona 4 will jump in soon enough to help the Phantom Thieves crew bring down their arch-enemies the Shadows.

Since we are aware of the fact that there will be a bunch of new players entering this picturesque adventure without knowing who the characters are, we have decided to make a short reminder in this review, of the Persona 5 team members.

Persona 5 Crew — A Bunch of Strong Personalities

We wouldn’t be completely wrong if we said that this gang consists of pretty stereotypical high school kids, ranging from shy and detached geeks to rebellious and cocky leaders. But we wouldn’t be completely fair either.

Even though these characters are based on the most common types of teenagers you can meet at any high school, they tend to develop their personalities through interesting interactions with Persona 3 and Persona 4 characters as well as relations within their team.

Akira Kurusu

He is the leader of this team. He is a quiet but cocky young man who doesn’t avoid dangerous situations. He walks on the verge of breaking the law all the time, but he is a reliable leader other members can count on at any moment. Remember that you as a player govern all his actions and decisions and determine the course of this game. His code name is Joker.

Futaba Sakura

Her code name is Oracle. Maybe this is because of her impeccable hacking skills that are invaluable to the Persona 5 team. Boss is her foster-parent, and she is currently

staying at his place. She doesn’t like meeting new people because they make her feel uncomfortable.

Haru Okumura  

She is gentle and a bit self-conscious although she is a senpai, i.e., mentor to others.

She is the daughter of the president of “Okumura Foods Corporation” and her code name is Noir.

Ann Takamaki  

She is a typical cheerleader of this gang. She is always kind and has encouraging words for her teammates. She is a friendly and bubbly teenage model with American genes. Her code name is Panther.

Makoto Nijima

She is the voice of reason in the Persona 5 crew. She has high moral principles she sticks to firmly. Both literary and martial arts are her strong sides. She is also a senpai, and her code name is Queen.

Yusuke Kitagawa

This young man is the favorite of girls engaged in this role-playing game. He is an ultimate artist with high aesthetic standards that emerge whenever he speaks. His code name is Fox.

Ryuji Sakamoto

He is a typical athlete type who is energetic and sometimes rash but at the same time kind and sympathetic to others. His code name is Skull.

Goro Akechi

His code name is Crow. He is the Sherlock of this crew because of his impeccable deductive skills. Others usually refer to him as the Next Detective Prince.


She is a strange creature that can take different shapes and sizes depending on the circumstances. Players usually see her in the shape of a black cat, but she can quickly turn into an operating vehicle if needed. She doesn’t hold back and is pretty much straightforward in communication with others.

The Gameplay That Offers The Initial Rush

The Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth uses all the well-known features of other Persona games, so it is expected that players already have some experience in playing RPGs where you have to escape various dungeons packed with obstacles and puzzles as well as lurking enemies who are out to destroy your team.

The best way to get prepared for this game is to play the Persona Q and Etrian Odyssey games first to get familiar with characters and some essential features.

If you want to jump into the New Cinema Labyrinth right away, this review can be a useful guide through the gameplay. If there is a little explorer hiding in you, you’ll be thrilled by the fact that when you enter a new movie scene there would be a map at the bottom of your screen that you have to fill in with every feature that you find on the scene.

You are going to find your way more easily by marking every wall, floor, treasure chest or obstacle you run into. You would be equipped with a pencil and other useful tools that will help you map your way through the labyrinth. However, if you are not a fan of mapping, this game will provide you with a feature that will fill in the map automatically as you progress in the game.

You will have enough time to think your next move through because these dungeons aren’t going anywhere until you reach the next level. This solution is reasonable because the New Cinema Labyrinth dungeons are full of new complicated puzzles and other barriers you have to deal with on your way to freedom.

The foes you should be scared of—they can wipe out your team in one move—are in every dungeon. You shouldn’t have high hopes of defeating them at once. You’d better study the pattern these Shadows use to move around the scene and devise a smart team strategy to avoid them.

Don’t expect your team to have enough power or energy to pass the entire scene in one go. They are not superheroes, after all. When you notice your team is low on HP (health points) or SP (stamina points) you should leave the dungeon and take them back to the theatre lobby for a refreshment. You can also drop by the shop and exchange the goodies you’ve collected along the way. In this way, you can enhance your weapon or power-ups supplies.

There is also a Velvet Room waiting for you at the movie theater lobby that sounds appealing enough for you to skip it.

Here you will have the chance to upgrade your persona or make a successful mix up of several different Personas that would have the combination of skills needed to fight your enemies and step up to the next level.

Another great thing about the Velvet Room is that it will save all the Personas you choose or create, so you can use them whenever you need them.

On the other hand, presenting players with a vast number of options can be counterproductive and sometimes challenging. You have to create a Persona that will have a balanced amount of characters that you can use either to attack the enemy or to defend yourself.

As you go along and you put numerous levels under your belt, the number of available characters you can use in the game will pile up. As they would say it in sports — you’ll have the advantage of a “long bench.”

To make sure you will frequently get various characters into the game, the creators of Persona Q New Cinema Labyrinth have made up the Motivation feature that is movable from one character to another.

This Motivation feature equip various teammates with better skills, and you can take them into the game before you get back to the dungeon.

There are “Special Screenings” that also encourage players to use the Motivation feature more often. These are additional missions that will take you back to the scenes you have completed but now with tasks that require new team members.

Animation and Sound That Will Blow Your Mind

We really enjoyed the craftily-designed scenes that will blow your mind by their diversity. When you choose to enter this breathtaking adventure, dear dungeon crawlers be prepared to get lost on busy city streets one minute and to find yourself lost in the prehistoric jungle running from dinosaurs the next.

Even though we are talking about familiar faces we have met before, we have to stress out how crystal clear the characters look like. All anime fans will enjoy the unique style each of them has, which perfectly suit their personalities.

As far as the sound and soundtrack go, we can say that we are thrilled by the consonance that was achieved in this game, meaning that every scene has an appropriate background music theme. The only thing that puzzled and distracted us at first was the fact that there is no English dubbing available, and everything is in Japanese.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This time we will make an exception and start this section of our review with some flaws we’ve come across in this Nintendo game.

The Cons

  • While we enjoyed massively playing the opening scenes of the Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth, the game soon became repetitive in a sense “you played one labyrinth you played them all.” We are aware this is a trap any video game can fall into, but we expected something more from Persona Q2 game.
  • The fact that there is no English speaking version available startled us at the beginning, but we soon got used to Japanese.

The Pros

  • The characters in these games are mind-blowing. The authors made a serious effort in creating characters every teenager can easily relate to. They are true to their personalities and style all the way.
  • The Velvet Room and Motivation features let the player’s imagination run wild as they create new Personas or swap them to make ultimate teams.

When we gather all our impressions together after spending several hours in Persona 5, 3 ,and 4 company, we can only say that despite some flaws we stumbled upon during our gameplay, the Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth is worth playing.

Especially when you know this is the last game Atlus has made for the 3DS platform.

So, grab the chance and lead your team to freedom.