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Top 10 Online Games to Play

With so many online games to choose from, which ones are sure to give you hours of entertainment? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best online games you can rely on for a good time. Click here to see the list.

10 Best Online Games

The online games industry is booming. World of Warcraft demonstrated how many people were open to the concept of online play. Now, the market for this kind of entertainment has grown exponentially with thousands of diverse online games for you to enjoy.

As expected, many aren’t all that good, but some are great enough to stand out from the rest. We have put together a list of 10 online games that will surely be worth your time. To cover as much ground as possible, we’ll take a look at many different genres. We’ll review everything from first-person shooters (FPS) and Multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) to online casino games.

  1. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds
  2. Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
  3. Age of the Gods Live Roulette
  4. Planet of the Apes Online Slot
  5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)
  6. MineCraft
  7. DOTA 2
  8. Apex Legends
  9. The Division 2
  10. Splatoon 2

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)

This Battle Royale-like survival simulator took the world by storm. The game took inspiration from Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, who made mods for other games with the same rules. PUBG immediately got our attention with its fast-paced action and being easy to pick up quickly.

The concept is simple, yet ingenious: up to 99 players parachute down to a massive map. Afterward, they must scramble to find weapons, armor, vehicles, and whatever they can use to survive the bloody skirmish. There’s also the added pressure of a shrinking forcefield closing around the entire map. You cannot survive outside this field, leaving you in a desperate struggle to come out on top.

The maps are truly enormous, with tons of different terrain you can take strategic advantage of. You’ll find various caches of diverse gear strewn about the place, and vehicles like bikes can take you from one place to another quickly if need be — if you have the courage to be so exposed.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about PUBG is that, compared to other survival games, it takes little time to get a hang of things. The gameplay is streamlined enough to pose a challenge but also provide that instant gratification needed to keep people glued to the screen for hours on end.

Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Evolution Gaming has brought us a fresh and exciting variant of the much-loved poker game. You can play Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker on your computer as well as your smartphone and tablet. Thus, you’ll always have a chance to play. The developers also did a great job with scalability. No limit exists to how many players can participate in the same game.

Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker puts its own spin on the game in a few ways. For one, you play against the house, unlike the traditional multiplayer Texas Hold’em Poker game. Furthermore, you can’t place a bet after the River card. There are also two special bonuses separate from the main game: the First Five Progressive Jackpot side bet and the Bonus bet, which pays up 1000:1.

The First Five Progressive Jackpot side bet gives you a chance to score an increasingly bigger top-level Jackpot prize. You may also go for the many less valuable ones. While the lower prizes are fixed, the Jackpot is uncapped and grows after each subsequent round, but only the Royal Flush can win it.

Evolution Gaming has consistently released solid games, but they really delivered the goods with Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker. Any hold’em fan will appreciate the refreshing twist it offers, giving them the thrill poker players enjoy.

Age of the Gods Live Roulette

You’ll immediately notice that Age of the Gods Live Roulette brings out the big guns when it comes to immersion. There’s a green screen with a fully rendered and animated background evocative of Mount Olympus. This really takes real casino games online and grants them a tinge of magic. Despite the glitz, the interface is very navigable and unobstructed. A good part of that is due to packing many functions in the menu button. Limits, payouts, and other options being there remove much clutter.

The Roulette has the same four-part progressive jackpot found in other Age of the Gods roulettes and slots. The Mystery Jackpot takes a cut of the player’s stake. You can place your bets through the racetrack, Special Bets, which allow you to make Complete and Half-Complete Bets.

The Jackpot contributions range from £0.01 to £10, while regular bets start at £0.10 per bet, going up to £200. The table minimum is £1 a spin, while the max is £25,000. The Jackpot event can pop up randomly, and it lets you win one of four features: Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power, the last of which can have a seed value of a whopping €100,000.

Age of the Gods Live Roulette lends its awesome aesthetics to giving an amazing atmosphere guaranteed to spellbind you. It’s a well-put-together gambling experience that’ll make sure you’ll be spinning that roulette wheel time and time again.

Planet of the Apes Online Slot

Planet of the Apes Online Slot is among NetEnt’s most ambitious projects to date. It boasts one-of-a-kind gameplay visuals right from the much-loved dystopian Sci-Fi franchise. Fans of the recent movies will be thrilled at the chance to get that dark, action-packed thrill of the films in their slots experience.

The two mergeable 5 by 3 reels, Rise and Dawn, provide the ultimate hunting ground for the brave survivors of this world. NetEnt partnered with 20th Century Fox for this project, so the team went all out on the visuals. You’ll see actual footage from the movies included in the game. The game itself also looks and sounds excellent. Even characters from both Rise and Dawn making an appearance as the 10, J, Q, K, and A.

You have a total of 40 fixed bet lines at your disposal. The iconic window symbol from the first film serves as this game’s Wild. It replaces all symbols save for the bonus and scatter. Fully stack these wilds and receive the Stacked Wild. The Stacked Wild duplicates in the Dawn reel. Should the Rise Bonus land on the first reel, you get a cash prize for each character on the Rise reel. This way you can multiply your winnings as much as 79.5 times.

You can clearly see everyone involved in making this game brought their A game. A whole slew of exciting features makes Planet of the Apes Online Slot a game to keep you at the edge of your seat at all times. It stands as one of the best online slot games around, where the thrills never end.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

CS Go Game

It’s crazy to think that Counter Strike, a 2000 mode for Half Life, turned into a gaming phenomenon. So popular was it that it saw several reiterations throughout the decade or so. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the latest version to come to our screens, coming out in 2012.

For the few who have never played or heard of Counter Strike, CS is an online first-person shooter that pits two teams, terrorists, and counter-terrorists against each other in a deadly shootout. The terrorist goal is to plant a bomb at one of several sites on each map and keep the counter-terrorists from defusing it. You can buy new equipment each round to find the best loadout for you. A simple, yet effective setting.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive put the old concept in shiny new clothes. It sports polished new graphics that added a dose of realism to the shooter. But it didn’t just repackage the same old game. It also added some new content, most notably Arms Race and Demolition mode. Both get rid of buying gear at the start of the round. Rather, scoring a kill replaces your weapon. There’s also a Hostage mode, where counter-terrorists try to rescue, you guessed it, hostages.

CS: GO received very positive reviews all around and quickly rose to the top of the online FPS ranks. It was widely praised for its incredible balancing, making each playstyle viable. It sold upwards of 30 million copies, and at its peak, as many as 850,000 people played the game regularly. It still has a large player base, and many consider it an FPS classic.


MineCraft Game

Everyone even partially familiar with video games has at least heard of MineCraft. For the longest while, it was impossible not to know about it. Its explosion in popularity was unprecedented. And to think that it was an indie project of a single person, Markus Persson — known to many as Notch.

The sandbox survival game shook the gaming world with its revolutionary approach to the gameplay experience. Rather than tell players what to do and how to do it, MineCraft drops you into its randomly generated world and lets you do whatever you wish. That way, each new game becomes a unique story in its own right.

The maps are huge, and you have the freedom to explore, build, and fight until your heart’s content. Just beware of the monsters that come out at night. You have an insane amount of creation options. You can craft weapons and armor, wooden and stone constructions, and slowly work your way up to space age tech. The only limit to what you can do is your own creativity.

Tons of mods make sure you never feel like the game’s gone stale. Chisel 2, Bacteria mod, the MineScape modpack, and many more not only provide fresh new features but also polish and improve parts of the original game.

It’s undeniable that MineCraft has left a permanent mark on the gaming sphere. It inspires countless developers to make games that put the tools in the players’ hands. Now, more and more gamers can fashion their own stories how they see fit.


Dota 2 Game

DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) is the climax of a very similar story to that of CS: GO. It draws its roots from a 2003 mod for WarCraft 3. People took a shine to the mod, and it grew exponentially. It got to the point where other games of its making hit the shelves. And so the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Multiplayer Arena) genre was born.

Much like CS, the core idea of DOTA was quite simple. Two teams of 5 heroes attempt to destroy the team’s key structure. Each base periodically spawns computer-controlled units that attack the enemy fortress. You level up your hero (one of a hundred unique heroes to pick from) and use their powers to devastate the enemy. Items can aid you in making you even more of a force of destruction.

Valve Corporation noticed Dota’s burgeoning fanbase and decided to build a standalone game around it. They made few changes to the game, save for the different engine and minor alterations. These mainly include some character/item/spell names. Nevertheless, the result was an excellent online game that rocketed to the gaming household name we know and love today.

The MOBA experience has hardly been better than that of what DOTA 2 brings to the table. To be sure, there are other such games, like League of Legends, that give it a run for its money. However, there is no denying that DOTA is exemplary of what a MOBA should be.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Game

Respawn Entertainment seems to have been very observant of currently popular gaming trends. They saw what clicked with players of various genres and began cooking up a concoction of the best these had to offer. The final result is the 2019 hybrid monster we know as Apex Legends.

The most accurate way to describe Apex Legends is as a battle royale hero shooter. The Battle Royale components are more bare-bones than normal (akin to PUBG), instead orienting itself around a more shooter-heavy framework. Rather than being just a person pitted against roughly identical individuals, you play as a so-called legend. Each Legend is unique in their abilities (reminiscent of Overwatch), with a passive, active, and ultimate ability (like in DOTA 2).

The Legends wage war in colorful maps that are a joy to traverse, especially because of the game’s emphasis on mobility. Vehicles, zip lines, the slide action, and wall scaling add a distinct level of verticality to the landscapes. Players face off in 20 teams of 3, and you can fully revive any fallen comrade if you take the right measures, a very peculiar addition to the Battle Royale formula.

Apex Legends violently burst on the scene and amassed as many as 50 million players in the first month of its release. The shockwave it caused was enough to stir the colossal Fortnite fanbase — no small feat for any game, let alone one just a few months old.

The Division 2

Massive Entertainment has had experience with all sorts of games, from Ground Control to Assassin’s Creed, and they used that knowledge to create this well-rounded FPS adventure. The newest game to come from the Sweedish development team, The Division 2, amazed us all with its stunning scenery, varied missions, and enemy types and tight gameplay.

In a ravaged world where an engineered strain of smallpox managed to quell the world population and spread utter chaos, remnants of American civilization are under the control of the Division, an organization of agents meant to keep order in what is left of society. In Washington, you and your teammates must bring down marauder organizations threatening to ruin what little humanity has left. Level up, pick up great loot, optimize strategies with your co-players, and maybe even find a possible cure to the vicious virus.

The Division 2 is a sprawling game, giving us a beautifully dystopian depiction of post-calamity Washington, famous monuments and all. Most of the environment can be used to your advantage: you can take cover, flank, and sneak around enemies to gain the tactical advantage you need. There’s so much to explore that the game never becomes monotonous.

Weapons and enemies make sure hostile encounters never feel dull. Weapons are extensively customizable, and each successful shot feels like heaven (not as much for the enemies though). There are also enough enemy types to always keep you on your toes, from tanks to kamikazes and everything in between. If that wasn’t enough, loads of useful items, like shields and armor repairing drones, give you the freedom to play exactly the way you want.

The Division 2 is one of the finest third-person shooter RPG hybrids around and an incredible gaming experience to enjoy with your friends. Don’t let the negative reputation of these games, often called “looter shooters” cloud your judgment of this amazing sequel.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon was quite the oddball. Released in 2015 for the Wii U, its quirk and light-hearted nature quickly charmed us, and it easily gained a cult following. This positive response encouraged Nintendo to create a much-awaited sequel, this time for the Nintendo Switch.

Splatoon 2’s premise hasn’t changed from its predecessor’s: a team-based third-person shooter with a unique angle. You and your team strive to cover the terrain with as much ink as you can while preventing your foes from doing the same. You switch between a humanoid and squid form, the latter of which can travel quickly through the ink you splat.

The sequel comes packed with a few new features. New equipment — dual pistols and jetpacks — add even more color to your battles. It also has a new game mode called Salmon Rush, wherein you and your pals fend off waves of enemies all the while collecting eggs.

Overall, Splatoon 2 is a new and improved version of the first game. It may appear as a simple game for kids, but the gameplay mechanics are deep enough to engage you for a long time. The zany shooter will definitely provide you with hours of fun with friends and strangers alike.