YouTube Gamer ‘Etika’ Found Dead

Desmond Amofah has been found dead at the age of 29. This gaming YouTuber, more commonly referred to as Etika, was pronounced dead by the New York City police after a search that lasted for several days. Desmond’s loved ones have our full support as well as thoughts and prayers.

In his work, Amofah mostly focused on Nintendo YouTube videos – more specifically, reaction videos, in which he’d share his enthusiasm over the newest announcements with the internet. He was a passionate YouTuber, sometimes on the verge of fainting as a response to his favorite characters or games getting new iterations. However, over the span of several years, it seems Amofah was going through something that amounted to a mental breakdown. Some of his more devoted fans said that he would routinely make suicide threats. While he underwent one of his wellness checks, Amofah actually told the police he bought a gun which he intended to use for suicide. As a consequence, he was arrested and hospitalized immediately. 

After releasing a video called “I’m Sorry” on June 19, Amofah went missing, and the video was taken down right away. This led his followers to worry about Etika’s well-being. Once the police inspected his apartment, they found that several items had been removed, including his PC monitor. This led people to hope that he chose to go off the grid of his own will, temporarily. But the police also noted that the locks on his front door were broken, and they found some of his personal items on the Manhattan Bridge. On June 25, the NYPD identified Desmond’s body officially, without releasing any further details.