F1 2019 Review: Fast as Lightning

When it comes to sim-based racing games, two things are certain. First, the fanbase is quite dedicated and concentrated. And second, they like their racing sims to be as demanding as possible. Within this niche, there’s probably no series more popular than F1. For those who like feeling the full acceleration and torque of their machines and constantly having the sensation of being on the edge of losing control, this is definitely the premier racing sim. But a challenging learning curve isn’t the only thing you should judge F1 by. Its difficulty is one of the things it’s most well-known for, but not the only metric by which it shows success. 

Once you get into it, you’ll find that F1, and especially the 2019 edition, isn’t just for the most die-hard and hardcore racing gamers. It’s a game that will be great for anyone who likes racing while also having the option of building a top-flight organization. If you want to test your team’s mettle time and time again, turn upon turn across countless seasons, this game has our wholehearted recommendation. 

And this isn’t just our figure of speech. In F1 2019, competition is brutal, and one of the core game experiences. Whether we’re talking about the competition among racers on the track or between the R&D departments of various teams, it’s always tough. In fact, F1 2019 even simulates the rival relations between racers within a single team. 

But interesting management options aren’t the sole draw of this superb racing sim. Once you get out onto the track, you’ll see that the cars have been modeled to a fault, as close to reality as possible. You can also switch between different difficulty settings, allowing you to change how responsive the cars are. But regardless of how easy you like it and what your play style is, you’ll definitely find some triumphant and intense moments in this game. There’s nothing like the feeling of a competitor being on your tail and having to take a hard dive into a corner to hold them off. 

In certain areas, even F2 racing has been added, and Codemasters actually plans on adding the entire F2 schedule for 2019 in a post-launch update. This gameplay mode is additionally challenging, as these cars tend to be harder to control. Also, the feeder series exists as a prelude to the career mode. There is that sort of basic career mode with two drivers that provide a narrative element to the game. Though, once the F2 cutscenes are done, their presence is basically non-existent. 

Luckily, F2’s minor inclusion as far as the career mode is concerned doesn’t affect how well the mode plays overall. This year, one of the biggest changes is the option of having practice sessions in exchange for a small amount of R&D resource points. To be honest, we’ve found that this was an excellent option for casual players who want to grasp the basics of the game. And at the same time, it provides an incentive for more veteran players to use the practice mode. 

This sort of balance is essential for the career mode, and it’s something that F1 2019 excels at. A machine part has failed R&D? You can try to practice harder next time in order to earn enough R&D points to make another attempt. Or, you can purchase a durability upgrade for the respective department to lend a hand next time. Ended up as the loser of a rivalry matchup? Don’t worry; there are multiple ways to improve your reputation. You can earn more team upgrades and perks while your contract-negotiation session lasts. Every hurdle doesn’t present you with a ‘game over’ — just another start to the exciting part of the game. 

So if you’re an F1 fan, we definitely don’t recommend skipping out on the F1 2019 edition. When it comes to seasonal games, investing your money in another iteration is always a dicey proposition. Is it worth your money for just the seasonal schedule if you already have 2017 or 2018? In this case, though, the game has our wholehearted recommendation. It has enough improvements and innovations to warrant a look from veteran players and newbies alike. Plus, even if you’re not an F1 fan, you’ll probably find this to be a fantastic racing game. There’s nothing that can quite beat the satisfaction of driving at such astoundingly high speeds. At the end of the day, it’s something every gamer worth their salt needs to try.