Tencent Mobile Auto Chess Rush Game Out on July 3

Tencent’s domination of the Auto Chess market was confirmed by the release of Chess Rush, on July 3. This mobile game is a breath of fresh air, as it brings a faster twist to the genre. 

Chess Rush is a title only available on mobile phones, and one of the rare ones that make the promise of quicker matches. In other games, these can take up to 40 minutes, or even more. Tencent is also the 100% owner of Riot, the company behind League of Legends, and their mobile spinoff Teamfight Tactics. With that in mind, their expansion into the mobile market is a process that definitely seems to be underway. 

But getting back to the game of Chess Rush: once you get into it, you will see that the basic core of the genre is intact. As you take pieces from a finite selection, you aim to build a mighty army by combining three pieces of the same unit to make one that’s stronger, and join classes in order to win. 

Chess Rush is available on iOS and Android devices.