The Sinking City Review: Macabre Plot And Meddling Execution

In recent years, fans of point-and-click adventure games haven’t exactly had a lot to look forward too. Bar a couple of exceptions, this genre has mostly died out. Smaller spinoff formulas have appeared, such as the Telltale Games choose-your-own-adventure titles. And among these quasi-adventure games, Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes releases haveRead More

Annual Unsure E3 Awards

Longtime readers of this website, and of gaming websites in general, may be aware of one simple fact — in most cases, rankings and lists related to gaming tend to be bland and horrible. Especially when it comes to describing big industry events like E3, gaming journalists easily fail toRead More

First Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Event Began June 3

At 11 a.m., on June 3, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite kicked off its first all-week quest. The event was dubbed “Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna.” And the quest had multiple parts, structured to resemble the research assignments you get from Professor Willow in Pokemon Go. These subtasks give playersRead More

Mordhau Review — Medieval Melee Antics

In the past couple of years, the theme of medieval melees has gained quite a lot of traction in gaming. To be frank, this niche is definitely too crowded nowadays, with the likes of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, For Honor, Warhammer: Vermintide 2; the list goes on. SoRead More

Out of the Park Baseball Ushers in a New Era of Baseball Games

When it comes to sports simulation games, the question of innovation is always an interesting one. Naturally, the rules of sports rarely change in a dramatic way; this means that making gameplay change to a simulation is always tricky. And when you consider the fact that sports developers have toRead More

F1 2019 Review: Fast as Lightning

When it comes to sim-based racing games, two things are certain. First, the fanbase is quite dedicated and concentrated. And second, they like their racing sims to be as demanding as possible. Within this niche, there’s probably no series more popular than F1. For those who like feeling the fullRead More

Tencent Mobile Auto Chess Rush Game Out on July 3

Tencent’s domination of the Auto Chess market was confirmed by the release of Chess Rush, on July 3. This mobile game is a breath of fresh air, as it brings a faster twist to the genre.  Chess Rush is a title only available on mobile phones, and one of theRead More

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Aims To Be Universal Game Library

When it comes to factors like quality of life, the plethora of available PC gaming platforms has not done players any favors. Basically, it amounts to the same thing that is currently happening with streaming services. It began with Netflix, which had all the shows you can think of, everythingRead More

YouTube Gamer ‘Etika’ Found Dead

Desmond Amofah has been found dead at the age of 29. This gaming YouTuber, more commonly referred to as Etika, was pronounced dead by the New York City police after a search that lasted for several days. Desmond’s loved ones have our full support as well as thoughts and prayers.Read More

BattleGrounds Game

Top 10 Online Games to Play

With so many online games to choose from, which ones are sure to give you hours of entertainment? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best online games you can rely on for a good time. Click here to see the list. 10 Best Online Games The online games industryRead More