Annual Unsure E3 Awards

Longtime readers of this website, and of gaming websites in general, may be aware of one simple fact — in most cases, rankings and lists related to gaming tend to be bland and horrible. Especially when it comes to describing big industry events like E3, gaming journalists easily fail toRead More

Out of the Park Baseball Ushers in a New Era of Baseball Games

When it comes to sports simulation games, the question of innovation is always an interesting one. Naturally, the rules of sports rarely change in a dramatic way; this means that making gameplay change to a simulation is always tricky. And when you consider the fact that sports developers have toRead More

Superman 64 Development

Old Files From Superman 64 Development Revealed

With Superman 64, a video game for the Nintendo 64, turning 20 this year, gaming historians and enthusiasts decided to mark the occasion by trudging through decades-old files to see what they can find about the game. See what they found by clicking here. Exploring Old Superman 64 Files AnyRead More

Frostpunk on Console

Frostpunk on Console: How Will It Work?

11 Bit Studios, the team behind Frostpunk, has announced its plans to port the post-apocalyptic city-builder. But how different will it be from the PC version? Click here to find out. Frostpunk Console Release The people of 11 Bit Studios look like really gloomy folks. They seem to have aRead More

New Nike Shoes for Gamblers

Nike’s PG 2.5 x PlayStation: the Sneakers for Gamers

Sony and Nike collaborated to create the PG 2.5, inspired by the PlayStation, Sony’s legendary console. With Paul George, an NBA small forward and avid gamer, as the face of the new line, they created a fitting tribute to both gaming and basketball. Click here to find out more. TheRead More