First Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Event Began June 3

At 11 a.m., on June 3, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite kicked off its first all-week quest. The event was dubbed “Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna.” And the quest had multiple parts, structured to resemble the research assignments you get from Professor Willow in Pokemon Go. These subtasks give playersRead More

Tencent Mobile Auto Chess Rush Game Out on July 3

Tencent’s domination of the Auto Chess market was confirmed by the release of Chess Rush, on July 3. This mobile game is a breath of fresh air, as it brings a faster twist to the genre.  Chess Rush is a title only available on mobile phones, and one of theRead More

YouTube Gamer ‘Etika’ Found Dead

Desmond Amofah has been found dead at the age of 29. This gaming YouTuber, more commonly referred to as Etika, was pronounced dead by the New York City police after a search that lasted for several days. Desmond’s loved ones have our full support as well as thoughts and prayers.Read More

Stadia Gaming

Google Is Going to Host Stadia Gaming Cloud Event in June

After making a big reveal of their cloud-based gaming platform in March, Google has another great surprise for gamblers Don’t Miss Google-Supported Stadia Gaming Event Only a few months after presenting the cloud gaming platform Stadia at the Game Developer’s Conference in March, Google seems to have a new surpriseRead More

PS and Xbox Controllers

Play Station 4 and Xbox One Ready to Back up Apple TV With Controllers

Apple has finnaly solved the controllers issue that prevented them from making their Apple TV a successfull gaming platform. PS4 an Xbox One Come to the Rescue Apple has been on the fence, for some time now, on the issue of turning their devices into gaming platforms. Despite the constantRead More

PS4 update

Some Exciting Updates for PS4 Coming out Soon

Sony is going to release some fresh improvements for the PS4 console that players can try out for free before they come out on the market. More Players and Chat Transcription for PS4 Console Breaking news — Sony is preparing an update package for their PS4 console. They are goingRead More